Louis vuitton's parent company Louis Vuitton Outlet group has to give up for the battle of the equity of hermes for 4 years. The final "truce" seems to be the hermes family to win. The Louis Vuitton Outlet family swore to Louis vuitton list out from its shareholders, and constructed the clever defensive measures in order to maintain their own independent status.
The two sides reached an agreement that France's richest man, Louis vuitton chief Bernard arnault is losing face to quit he accumulated since 2010 hermes 23.2% stake. The Fendi, Bulgari, such as the owner of luxury brands, you can also get big profits from the stake. In October 2010, Louis vuitton because of using derivatives trading took a 17% stake in hermes and securities market regulators fined 8 million euros.
As part of the agreement, the sixth generation successor of the family, exel Mr Dumas, at the helm of hermes agreed to end all outstanding legal disputes between the parties.
Luxury giant Louis Vuitton Outlet will abandon its holdings in the legendary fashion brand hermes most of the shares, and agreed to in the next five years are no longer purchase hermes shares.
France years of disputes between two famous luxury company finally ended.
The world's biggest luxury group LVMH (Louis Vuitton Outlet), which owns numerous well-known brands, including Bulgari, Bulgari jewelry and Fendi, Fendi handbags, etc. Since 2007, LVMH secretly bought a rival Hermes (Hermes) 23% of the company, the move is controversial. From the size of Louis Vuitton Outlet has the upper hand slightly. On Wednesday, it agreed to give up their most hermes shares, and in the next five years will no longer buy.